Accepting contributions!

If you’ve got anything that you’d like add here, we’d love to share it!  Just send it to “covers (at) vinylalbumcovers (dot) com” and we’ll add it to our galleries!  Some have already done so and we love their contributions!  Of course, we’ll happily credit you on the “Credits” page for your kindness and generosity!

All SmugMug labels added to our Record Label galleries!

Everything that “Grant” managed to archive has finally returned!  All of them went through the editing process here and it took some time.  We’re also accepting contributions so if you’ve got anything to share, send it to “covers (at) vinylalbumcovers (dot com)” [sorry, gotta avoid the bots] and we’ll post it!

Tons of Record labels and albums added!

We’re doing a bang-up job of keeping this part updated, aren’t we?  We’ve been constantly adding to the record labels and albums themselves.  If you haven’t looked lately, what’s stopping you?  There’s so much more to see since the last update here!

Our last background was in tribute to Prince.  We decided to switch it to make it more cite-centric.  Hope you like it!  Also hope you’re enjoying what you’re seeing so far.  There’s so much more to come!

Totally new “Ephemera” page and new ads added

The former “Ephemera” page was pretty cumbersome so we put each add on it’s own separate page.  This will make browsing easier – especially if you’re on a phone or a tablet.  Hopefully, this is helpful.  I’ve also added three (3) new ads for your viewing pleasure!

A bunch of new albums in the “Temptations” section

We’ve been hard at work on the “Temptations” section.  We’re currently adding every Temptations album in our grasp.  This will take a while but we’ve made quite a dent already.  Take a look at it by going to “Artists Catalogs” and going to “The Temptations”.  There’s more going up there nightly so keep checking back!

More stuff added and an adjustment

Hi, all!

I added a couple of new Barry Manilow albums and Brian Wilson’s debut. Initially, I’d also done Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio’s “A Woman Needs Love”. After having done it, I discovered that the color was drastically off on both the covers and the labels. Given how inaccurate it was, I decided to pull that album down. I tried restoration tactics and they didn’t look convincing. I will go hunting for another copy and try again very soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

A ton of new albums added!

Forgive me for not keeping up with site updates.  I will do better.  I’d tell you what’s been updated but you’d be much better looking around at this point.  I’ve added albums, I’ve added videos to the channel, etc.  I’ve just been busy.  LOL!  These updates will become more frequent because that’s what this section is for.  Anyway, enjoy all the new stuff!

“Singles” section is back on-line!

I just re-uploaded this section and I’m glad had the chance to do it again.  Much content was missing and I prematurely gave up on cleaning a few things I should have gone further with.  I’m happy with it now so go have a look!