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Welcome to "Vinyl Album Covers.com"!! Here, you'll find covers of all kinds - not only the covers, but everything that went with them: the inside of the gatefolds, the lyric sheets, the sleeves, the record labels, and anything else that went along with these LP's. The interface is totally responsive so it can be viewed on your tablets and phones. Hopefully, you'll enjoy what you find here. We're adding new content all the time!

Also note that many of the images you see here will open up larger than their windows will allow. Simply right-click on an image after you've opened it and select "open in new tab/window" to see it full-size. Enjoy yourself and come back often!

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We have a lot of great album art uploaded. This includes album jackets, sleeves, labels, and anything else that was included with the album. Feel free to check it out!
Many singles - both 45rpm and 12-inch are on display here. Have a look!
We've even got magazine ads from Billboard and other great publications. See them here!