Whitney Houston – Whitney

Released:  1987
Label:  Arista Records


Front cover:  This wasn’t too bad.  It does have a cut-out notch in Whitney’s name on the left but with some careful cloning, it came right out.

Sleeve-front:  The scanner decided this should be a different color so I had to fight it a little.  Beyond that, fairly simple.

Sleeve-back:  This one had yellowed a bit over time so I cleared that up easily with a color cast removal.  Worse, the cut-out reared its ugly head on the right side this time…right through lettering.  Thankfully, I was able to steal the letters that were ruined from other places in that section so I could fix it up.  This took some time but I doubt you can tell now.

Back cover:  Scanner didn’t like the color of this either so I had to coax it.  Other than that, a few scuffs and that’s it.

Labels:  These were simple to do too.