Whitney Houston – I’m Your Baby Tonight

Released:  1990
Label:  Arista Records/BMG Entertainment


Front cover:  This is in very good shape.  I did have to remove some mild yellowing due to age but that happened easily at the scan stage.  

Sleeves:  These sleeves are in great shape too.  They also suffered from some age-related yellowing which I tinkered with at the scan stage and finished off by removing the color cast in Photoshop.  Once done, I intensified the saturation in Whitney’s photos.

Back cover:  Again, just some minor yellowing from age easily removed in scanning.  Also a minor crack or two.

Labels:  These were in pretty good shape but the album title went right into the spindle hole on the first side so I took the title from side two and pasted it over the lettering on side one after removing the spindle hole.  Not hard to do at all.