Timmy Gatling – Help

Released:  1989
Label:  Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records/WEA


Front cover:  I was sure this would be more of a headache than it was.  This scanned absolutely perfectly.  I did have to remove some minor scratches but beyond that, this was pretty simple.

Sleeves:  These were simple to do too.  I did scan at a higher DPI so the text would be nice and sharp.  This also enabled me to replace all the color and, thus, the minor creases on the sleeve.

Back cover:  Again, no big deal.  I cloned out the minor scuffs and ring wear but it was no big hardship.

Labels:  Here’s where the problems were.  My scanner decided these should be greener than they actually are so I had to add blue and contrast at the scan stage.  Once that was done, spindle removal was next and that wasn’t hard at all.