Ticket To Ride

Released:  1969
Label:  A&M Records








Front cover:  This one was just ugly.  Scratches galore, more ring wear than I’ve seen in quite some time, and the lettering is just trashed.  The only thing that is in good shape is the A&M logo.  I replaced all color not related to that logo or the photo in the center.  All lettering was completely re-shaped and re-colored. 

Sleeve-front:  The record sleeve is oddly off-balance.  Everything on both sides tilts to the right badly.  As such, I rotated so it looks normal.  There was also a healthy dose of “yellowing” here.  It interfered with the image and the text so it’s been removed.  

Sleeve-back:  Again, off-balance.  Beyond that, this is in great shape.  Just rotated, did some minor cleaning, and uploaded.  There’s some slight yellowing around the perimeter of the cover but it couldn’t be removed.

Back cover:  The back has some minor issues on the bottom in the form of ring wear.  Easy to fix here as it didn’t compromise any of the text.  Some minor staining on the top was also removed.  Beyond that, fairly simple.

Labels:  The labels had some minor scratches but all were easily removed.  Removed spindle hole and uploaded.