The Temptations – Together Again

Released:  1987
Label:  Motown Records







Front cover:  This was very easy.  A very small cut-out notch exists on the bottom but it was easily removed through cloning.  I also performed some slight color adjusting at the scan stage but that’s it.

Back cover:  The ease continued here.  The notch was removed through cloning and the same color adjustment was needed here as well.  Beyond that, not a scratch on this one.  NOTE:  Found a minor issue on the top-right corner and I cloned it out. (8/11/15)

Labels:  These also needed minor color adjustment at the scan stage.  This is exactly what my labels look like.  

P.S.:  This is the first album they ever released on the Motown label.  As you can see, all previous albums were on the Gordy subsidiary.