The Temptations – To Be Continued…

Released:  1986
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records







Front cover:  This is in pretty good shape.  It’s got a couple of creases but nothing too severe.  The scanner didn’t like the color initially so I had to adjust at the scan stage until I got it.  Not hard to do at all.

Back cover:  Again, pretty easy to do.  Minor creases were eliminated through cloning (as on the front).  Again, the scanner didn’t like the color so I corrected it at the scan stage.

Labels:  As usual, the scanner doesn’t like the maroon-ish color of the Gordy label so I had to adjust – both at the scan stage and within Photoshop.  Of course once I did that, the yellow didn’t look so yellow anymore.  I dealt with this by using the color dropper to copy the color on the label prior to color correction.  Once the color correction on the label was complete, I used the paint bucket and replaced the yellow areas.  Not hard to do.  Just odd to have to do it.  There is a slight variance from A to B side and that’s how my labels actually look.  I didn’t try to make them uniform.

P.S.:  The LP is REALLY thick and flat.  It also sounds really nice sonically.