The Temptations – The Temptin’ Temptations

Released:  1965
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records







Front cover:  This is the single most-trashed album I’ve ever worked with.  It looks awful to the naked eye and the scanner revealed disaster of epic proportions.  The white has been completely replaced as has the coloring on all the letters and the “Gordy” logo.  I carefully painted around the white suits as to replace the whiteness without harming the wardrobe.  This album took a couple of hours in total and most of it was spent on this cover.  As this is an original Gordy press from 50 years ago (!), I figured it was worth it.

Back cover:  The fun continued here but this was easier.  All color was replaced because of the intense of yellowing.  Once I removed the color entirely, things began to take shape.  I cloned some other minor imperfections out as well.

Labels:  Even the labels needed work.  Both had been well-loved so I had to find clean maroon parts to fix the spindle scratches that seem to be all over both labels.  I wasn’t going for total perfection here.