The Temptations – Solid Rock

Released:  1972
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records








Front cover:  This is just trashed.  It took a long time to fix this one up with manual cloning.  It’s also a bit off-balance so that had to be fixed.  All black silhouetting had to be replaced due to scratching.  The results are pretty darned good if I do say so myself.

Gatefolds:  These are in pretty good shape.  Some minor scratching but nothing I couldn’t remove through cloning.  The green border is trashed so I just scanned the background and the pic on it’s own.  I then opened up a new blank file and put the background and pic on top of it.  I had to do this to both sides in order to restore the green border.  

Back cover:  The back isn’t nearly as bad as the front.  Minor scratches removed through cloning.

Labels:  Both labels are in decent shape.  Of course, the labels wouldn’t naturally scan as their actual color.  The scanner wanted to make them more purple.  I had to manually correct at the scanner stage in order to get the right color for both labels.  I only focused on the maroon/brown label as I knew the yellow triangles would likely look awful.  Once I got the right shades (each side was very slightly different), I then focused on the yellow – using the color picker to find the exact shade of yellow which was consistent on both sides.  I then replaced the yellow triangle and the yellow areas in the “Gordy” logo to restore the color.