The Temptations – Bare Back

Released:  1978
Label:  Atlantic Records









Front cover:  This was in great shape, though the image is absolutely ridiculous.  Of course, covers like these were happening then so it likely wasn’t a big deal back then.  Anyway, I just gave it a quick clean, scan, and upload.

Sleeve-front:  Sleeve is perfect shape. Just scanned and uploaded.

Sleeve-back:  Again, in very nice shape.  This album was barely handled so it stands to reason.  Just scanned and uploaded.

Back cover:  The back was a total disaster.  Scratches and creases abound.  This one took a while but I’m fairly pleased with the results.  I didn’t try to make it absolutely perfect as to remove it’s character but I tried to make it as presentable as possible.  I wanted you to be able to read all the text so to do so, open the image and then right-click and “Open in new window/tab” to see it at full size (1600 x 1600).

Labels:  Both labels in great shape.  Just removed spindle hole and uploaded.

Promo photo:  The photo is in excellent shape.  Just scanned and uploaded.

Soundstage promo photo:  This is from the PBS series, “Soundstage”.  They performed on 11/14/79.  It was intended to promote this very album.  If you love the Tempts, you need to see this video.  It’s on YouTube for sure.