The Temptations – A Song for You

Released:  1975
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records







Front cover:  This album is odd in that it has a flap that’s tucked into the front of the jacket and, when you pull the flap up, the LP comes out of the top.  Cool design.  Sadly, it doesn’t stand the test of time well.  The stenciled lettering takes a real beating as that’s where you have to bend it to open the flap.  The line in the center is where the flap is. It was decided not to remove it so you could see the design.

Sleeve-front:  This sleeve is in great shape.  A slight clean and it was good to go.  The other side of the sleeve was not included as it’s just black with no writing on it.

Back cover:  The back is pretty scratched up but, as it’s basic black, it was easy to clean up.  It almost could have been eliminated if not for the copyright information on the bottom so here you go.

Labels:  Both labels in great shape.  Just removed spindle hole and uploaded.