The Jets – The Jets

Released:  1985
Label:  MCA Records


Front cover:  Very nice cover.  How it survived to look this good is anyone’s guess.  This does look saturated but this is just as it really is so I didn’t change it.

Sleeve-front:  This is in good shape with some minor scuffing which I easily “cloned” out.

Sleeve-back: iThis was even better.  I did use the exact shade of white to replace the white that’s already there.  It was just too scuffed to keep.  I did so at it’s largest size as not to damage the text. 

Back cover:  The yellow and red were well-faded so both were replaced as to restore to it’s original luster.  All the minor scuffs that are there disappeared when I did that.

Labels:  Labels in amazing shape.  Just scanned, removed spindle hold with some cloning, and uploaded.