The Hi-Lo’s – Suddenly It’s the Hi-Lo’s

Released:  1957
Label:  Columbia Records







Front cover:  Holy passage of time!  This thing looked decent in my hands as I pulled it off my shelf.  Once I scanned it, all scratches and color inconsistencies were revealed and they were painful to clean up.  Sixty years will do that to an LP.  All fixed now.

Back cover:  The back of this was also in trouble and took time to fix.  I was left with no choice but to remove all color. The images were in black and white anyway and the whole thing had taken on an unattractive deep yellow hue that couldn’t stay.  As with the front, I cleaned without aiming for a pristine appearance.  Some age is okay as it adds character.

Labels:  The labels are what they are.  I made no effort to clean as it would have eliminated their character.  I decided to live with them and I think they look pretty good as they are.