The Family – The Family

Released:  1985
Label:  Paisley Park/Warner Bros. Records/WEA


Front cover:  This is in very good shape.  It did have a price sticker on it at one point that I removed and the results of doing so left some small marks in the upper right-hand corner which I easily cloned out.  Beyond that, this is in excellent shape.

Sleeve-front:  My scanner was NOT having this pink!  It wanted it brighter so I had to fight with it to get the exact shade of pink required.  Of course, this opens up quite a bit larger so you can read the lyrics.  I did have to entirely replace the pink due to minor wrinkles.  I did so at the highest resolution so that the text wouldn’t be harmed.

Sleeve-back:  This came out perfectly.  The picture itself is in perfect shape so all I did was scan it and upload it.  It doesn’t even show any browning.  Not bad for a 38 year-old album.

Back cover:  This had some scratches in it but nothing too severe.  All easily removed through cloning.

Inner sleeve pics:  They’re kind of difficult to see on the gatefold so I greatly enlarged each one by scanning at 2400 dpi.  Now you can really see what’s going on.  It really shines a light on Prince’s high-glamour/soap opera concept.  He had St. Paul looking pretty much like a Ken doll and Suzanne was his Barbie.  Paul in particular looks nearly unreal in these pics.  

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.