Teena Marie – Starchild

Released:  1984
Label:  Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  This one looks better in person than it does scanned.  When scanned at high-res (600 dpi, if you’re curious), ring wear that’s not really visible really came to the surface.  It wasn’t easy to “clone” it out either but after some time, it was done convincingly.

Sleeves:  There was only so much I could do here.  The wonderful people at Lane/McDonald (the art directors) came up with a nice design overall but the pink made it impossible to remove any of the age-related paper cracking.  I just had to leave it all as it was.  Also, the printing on the second side of the sleeve is very uneven.  I did nothing to it so you’re seeing what it really looks like.

Back cover:  This is in much better shape.  Just mild “cloning” and that’s it.

Labels:  Pristine labels too.  Just removed the spindle hole.  I even decided to color-match the background.  I do that from time to time.  If you like it, tell me so (here) and I’ll do more that way.