Teena Marie – Lady T

Released:  1981
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records








Front cover:  This is totally pristine, minus the cut-out notch on the upper left-hand corner.  That was easily removed.

Sleeve-front:  Oh, the amount of time I spent removing the wrinkles from the upper left-hand corner of this sleeve.  It was a disaster until I pulled out the clone brush.  I labored over this for about a half-hour to get rid of all the wrinkles there without destroying the text.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to do it with the rest of the sleeve.  It looks far better and all the text is now readable.  The sleeves are larger than the window that opens them.  They’ll open up in full-size (most on the site are this way too) by right-clicking and opening each one in a new window).

Sleeve-back:  You can see the wrinkles on the right side and get an idea of the severity of the issue I was dealing with on the other side of the sleeve.  They appeared even worse there.  Here, sadly, there was nothing I could do about the wrinkles without hurting the text.  I removed what I could through “cloning”.

Back cover:  Very nice back that only needed to be color re-balanced.  Beyond that and the cut-out notch, it’s perfect.

Labels:  Interesting how labels on the same record can be somewhat different in color and saturation.  I re-balanced the color on both to match the exact colors on my LP (the scanner wanted to artificially unify the results).  Very interesting.  Beyond this, they are pristine.