Switch – Switch

Released:  1978
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records







Front cover:  This one is pretty good.  It has a cut-out notch on the upper-left side and that was took some careful cloning to remove.  Also, various other scratches had to be removed.
Update:  I realize I was too quick on the draw for this one.  I posted it with additional scratches and, due to my fatigue, I didn’t see them.  “Grant” noted them and corrected them beautifully so this is actually *his* front cover work.  Through cloning, he removed the scratches on the group photo in the center that I absent-mindedly left behind.  Thanks, “Grant”!

Back cover:  The back is in similar shape but there was creasing and a cut-out notch to content with on the opposite side.  All of it restored through cloning.

Labels:  Great labels.  Very easy to scan and upload.  Spindle removal was also simple.