Steve Martin – Wild and Crazy Guy (Billboard 1979)


Steve Martin
“Wild and Crazy Guy”
(Billboard 1979)

Notes:  This is in ROUGH shape and I did what I could.  I confess I was forced to edit the ad.  I color-matched a brand new background and put the salvageable parts of the ad on top of the red background.  The bottom portion was repositioned to cover the bottom of the box that was. When this ad was originally posted over a year ago, I was unable to figure out how replicate the yellow border.  When I went about redesigning these pages, I looked at it again and the answer was obvious.  I used the selection tool to select a small line and I used the bucket to “flood” the area with the needed yellow.  I did the four times and used more flooding with red to correct the areas where I wasn’t careful enough with the yellow.  All in all, a good fix that I’m happy with.