Steely Dan – Gaucho

Released:  1980
Label:  MCA Records







Front cover:  This whole package is in bad shape and yellowing due to age.  There are many scratches on this cover so I did a “paint bucket” on the whole thing – careful not to hurt the text.  I even used the same device on the “Gaucho” lettering, though I didn’t try for pristine white.  I allow it to show it’s age.

Sleeve-front:  The sleeve is bad too.  I corrected the color in the scan stage as leaving it yellowed made the text harder to read.  I then “cloned” a few things out to finish it off.

Sleeve-back:  Same issue here and same remedies applied.

Back cover:  The back is just as bad if not worse than the front.  All the same fixes applied as on the front.

Labels:  Even the labels aren’t unscathed.  Numerous scratches around the perimeter of both.  All were “cloned” out.