Steely Dan – Countdown to Ecstasy

Released:  1973
Label:  ABC Records


Front cover:  This one took a while and it’s still not totally right.  When I realized this one wasn’t in our archives, I went after an original ABC Records pressing from 1973.  Of course, I knew that the very particular color of this cover wouldn’t survive nearly fifty years and I was right.  The brown is quite obvious on the edges and I fixed up the artist lettering as best I could.  I couldn’t do much with the browning other than remove the color cast.   

Back cover:  It took a while to find one of these with a clean back.  This isn’t perfect but it didn’t take much to restore it; just some cloning here and there.  Beyond that, it’s nearly as good in person as it is here.

Labels:  These are the tell-tale sign of the originals.  These look great and were very easy to scan.  Spindle hold removal was nothing too.