Singles 1974-1978

Released:  1978
Label:  A&M Records








Front cover:  This is the gold illustration cover.  I have both this and the gold version.  However, the gold version simply will not scan acceptably – nice though my copy is.  It looked just awful and I had no way to reproduce the cover for you, sadly.  I tried… 

Front sleeve:  These sleeves are from my actual gold copy.  They are in pretty good shape as the record was stored outside of it.  I did a color replacement here as the tan was well-faded from time.  Other minor clean-up and here it is!

Back sleeve:   I tried to do a color replacement here too but it damaged the integrity of the text so I just did a lot of cleaning and hue work to restore it.  Much cloning to get rid of the wrinkles.  I left the glued sides as they actually cut off some of the lettering.  This was done on the manufacturing side and I thought it was charming.

Back cover:  This is in pretty good shape.  No major work done here.  Minor scuffs and that’s about it.

Labels:  These labels needed a little work around the spindle hole but that’s what happens when records actually get played.  All issues cloned out and spindle hole removed.