Quincy Jones – The Dude

Released:  1981
Label:  A&M Records








Front cover:  This one was work.  This one has been well-loved. Black had to be re-defined and hairline scratches galore had to be removed.

Sleeve-front:  Sleeves are mostly in good shape although they are slightly yellowed with time.  It lends a nice texture to both sides and fixing it would have damaged the lettering so it wasn’t fixed.

Sleeve-back:  These sleeves are mostly in decent shape.  Slight creases removed but, beyond that, not bad at all for over 30 years.

Back cover:  Again, black re-defined and hairline scratches removed.  We were also forced to re-type the “I would like to give…” text at the bottom.  The mis-print of Quincy’s name in the statue description is on the back of the album as A&M printed it and we left it as is.

Labels:  Even the LP labels needed work as both were quite scratched up.