Original TV Soundtrack – The Muppet Show

Released:  1977
Label:  Arista Records







Front cover:  This was the very first album I owned.  Of course, the one I owned was destroyed years ago by little hands that didn’t know any better.  I stumbled upon this clean copy about 12 years ago and it’s been given love ever since.  Of course, the album remains in great shape.  Just scanned and uploaded.

*This is one that badly needed an inner sleeve with lyrics and other fun stuff.  Not sure why it doesn’t have one.  No copy I’ve come across has one so I’m thinking it just didn’t happen.

Back cover:  This is really nice too.  Just scanned and uploaded.  It will open larger by right-clicking and selecting “open in new tab/window”.  

Labels:  The labels are fantastic.  The vinyl is totally clean here too.