Original Television Soundtrack – NBC’s Saturday Night Live

Released:  1976
Label:  Arista Records/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.


Front cover:  This is in good shape.  I have two copies of this but this one looks the best – even if it does have a cut-out notch on the top-right corner.  It was easily “cloned” out.  It also had a couple of small, minor scuffs but they were also very easily “cloned” out.  Beyond that, a breeze to work with.  By the way, this is available on the streamers but for some reason, they altered the cover to a very generic current Saturday Night Live logo with just the names of the players.  I wonder why they did that?

Back cover:  Same issues as the front here and just as easily fixed here too.

Labels:  I love this labels.  Very nostalgic.  One of the very first records I ever saw was a Barry Manilow album (thanks, Mom) and it had this same blue Arista label on it.  I love the color and the big Arista “A” with the label name underneath.  Something about it is just so cool looking.  I feel the same way about the RSO label.  Who doesn’t love a good cow, right?  Anyway, these looked great and so scanning and uploading – along with easy removal of the spindle – is all I needed to do.