Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Released:  1977
Label:  Arista Records









Front cover:  This was bought factory-sealed a matter of days before I included this on the site.  While this seems like a good thing (and sometimes it is), it wasn’t here.  The cellophane began to react a bit with the cover and it threw the coloring off in places.  Worse was the large corner they took out of the package on the top-left to denote a cut-out (a discount record they were trying to get rid of).  It let oxygen into the left-most part of the jacket and it did strange things to the coloring that had to be fixed through cloning.  

Gatefold:  No way to separate but removing the fold creases wasn’t really that hard.  The cut-out gash that’s right in the middle of the spaceship?  Much harder.  All done through cloning.  There were also parts of the gatefold where the left side was actually sticking to the right side.  Once carefully opened, it took time to clone out the rips created from opening it.  Yet another reason why finding an album that’s been sealed for decades is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Still, it looks good in the end.

Back cover:  The back presented challenges too.  The gash is right near “John Williams” name on the upper-right.  Had to clone out the gash and then steal an “s” from elsewhere to make it look good.  

Special complimentary single:  This has likely never even been touched.  As you can see, the label itself is actually detaching from the styrene 33rpm single.  This means that it looks bad AND it sounds bad.  How nice…  It actually looks far worse in person but I cloned out what I could.  

Labels:  Thankfully, the labels were much simpler to do.  All I had to do was replace the blue in the “Arista” name and logo.

Promo sticker:  This is in good shape except the white letters have gone yellow.  I didn’t do much to fix it because I think it looks good this way.