New Edition – New Edition

Released:  1984
Label:  Jump & Shoot/MCA Records


Front cover:  This cover is in decent shape but it has a few cracks that needed filling in.  No big deal otherwise.

Sleeve-front:  The sleeve is absolutely trashed.  I was on this for over an hour.  Much cloning, color replacement, and even text replacement occurred to bring this back to life.

Sleeve-back:  Again, much work needed, though not as much.  I couldn’t fix wrinkling in the text as trying to do so would destroy it so I left it as is.

Hype sticker:  It’s in pretty good shape.  I replaced the yellow entirely, cleaned it a little, and added it.

Back cover:  A few scratches here and there but easily removable via cloning.

Labels:  Yes, each label is slightly different in color.  LOL!  Just took out the spindle hole and that’s it.