Michael Franks – The Camera Never Lies

Released:  1987
Label:  Warner Bros. Records








Front cover:  This album has been played hard!  Still, I took care of it while doing so and there are only minor creases here and there that were removed.  There was also a cut-out notch on the left side that I “cloned” out.

Sleeve-front:  As a result of actually playing this record, the sleeves got the most damage.  This side was easily cleaned but there were creases galore.

Sleeve-back:  TI was less successful here.  The crease on the bottom-left goes right through text so I couldn’t do much there.  Others were removed through “cloning”.

Back cover:  This side is in much better shape.  As a result, the cleanup was minimal.  Cut-out notch was “cloned” out as well.

Labels:  Labels are in really good shape.  Of course, yellowing has occurred.  Getting rid of the spindle hole was a slight issue because of the Warner’s crest.  I’ve gotten good at it so no big deal, really.  These open up slightly larger than all other labels on the site so all the text can be read.