Maniquin – Maniquin

Released:  1989
Label:  Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  This is pristine but not as straightforward as usual.  The design is literally edge-to-edge so it did require a stitch on the left long side.  Beyond that and removing some very light crimping, this was pretty simple to do.

Sleeve-front:  This sleeve is in good shape but it’s yellowing.  Makes sense given that it’s 34 years-old.  Just removed the color cast in Photoshop and that took it back to its original shade.

Sleeve-back:  This side had a minor crimp at the top right corner but it was easily cloned out.  For some reason, the lyrics and credits were a bit off kilter so I had to fix that but it wasn’t too hard.  Both of these open up pretty large if you want to read the lyrics and credits.

Back cover:  Nice and pristine.  Just scanned it.

Labels:  Labels are just perfect.  Just scanned them and removed the spindle hole.