La La – La La

Released:  1987
Label:  Arista Records


Front cover:  This one was covered in cellophane (not sealed) since I got it years ago and I just never bothered to take it off.  It’s in very good shape, though the scanner wanted it richer than it really is so I had to tweak contrast and color settings at the scan stage.  The hype sticker is actually on the cover and I didn’t try to remove it.

Sleeve-front:  These sleeves were both quite wrinkled and I’m honestly surprised that they came out as well as they did.  I did stick a couple of pieces of card stock in the sleeve to straighten the bottom-left corner out a bit and it worked perfectly.  I then did a complete color replacement of the white areas and it totally fixed all the wrinkles.

Sleeve-back:  Same thing here.  I really can’t believe these came out as well as they did.  I was sure I was going to have to live with some wrinkling but it all went away.  I did do some fine color replacement in certain spots in the lyrics but it all went away with minimal work.

Back cover:  This one was pretty simple.  I did a total color replacement on that blue (my copy is a little inconsistent and that’s not supposed to be the case).  It also had a foil promo stamp towards the bottom on the right side but because it’s nothing special, I “cloned” it out.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape but they aren’t easy to scan.  To be honest, these are my least favorite Arista labels because I don’t like the way they look and because they’re hard to scan and nail the brightness.  The scanner wanted these far brighter than they really are (not a bad choice; just not the way they really look).  I did color and contrast adjustment at the scan stage and then did some more of both in Photoshop to make them look as they do in front of me.  Both took a while but they both look the way they do in front of me.