Lakeside – Untouchables

Released:  1983
Label:  Solar/Elektra/Asylum Records


Front cover:  This is pretty nice.  There’s some mild scuffing on it but it’s held up very well over the last 34 years.  I corrected the scuffing issues with “cloning”.

Gatefold 1:  Again, a little mild scuffing but no big deal.

Gatefold 2:  These two sides are a continues photo on the gatefold but that wasn’t possible here because the heavy crease runs right through it.  It looked viable separated so that’s what I went with.

Back cover:  This was pretty easy.  Some mild scuffing but nothing too severe.

Sleeve-front:  This has begun to brown a bit but I decided it should stay as it looks good with the other pics.  Removing it would have looked artificial anyway.

Sleeve-back:  This was scanned at 1200 dpi so you’d be able to read the text as clearly as possible.  Again, no color correction used.  I did “clone” out the creases in various places.

Labels:  The labels really are two slightly different shades and since that’s the way they really look, I made no attempt to change that.  I only removed the spindle hole.