Human League – Crash

Released:  1986
Label:  Virgin/A&M Records








Front cover:  I’ve owned this for years and got it factory sealed.  As I’m very good to my LP’s, this one is in great shape.  Easily scanned and uploaded. 

Gatefold-1:  The gatefold is mostly in great shape except for some wear on the bottom-left side and bottom-right of the other gatefold.  It almost looks like water damage but it can’t be that.  Either way, all fixed and uploaded.

Gatefold-2:  Of course, these open up larger so you can read them.  Just right-click on one and select “open in new tab/window”.

Back cover:  Again, quite simple to fix and upload.  Of course, the cut-out had to be contended with but it went without incident.

Labels:  Very nice labels.  Removing the spindle hole on these labels is harder than on any others.  Hard enough to make me question why I started doing it in the first place.  Oh well. I did so no turning back now.