Human League – Crash

Released:  1986
Label:  Virgin Limited/A&M Records


Front cover:  I’m the original owner so this is still in great shape.  It was a cut-out so the “e” on the edge had to be fixed.  Thankfully, there is a second “e” so I copied and pasted it over that spot and cloned around it to make the notch disappear.  Not too difficult.  

Gatefold-Left:  This revealed a surprise I’d forgotten about when I opened it up.  I remember when I got it many years ago I’d gotten some mild water damage on the lower-left corner.  It’s a pain to look at it but it was easily fixed for inclusion here.  

Gatefold-Right:  This was better but it did still have some of the adhesive damage.  Easily fixed through cloning – just like the other side was.

Back cover:  This one took work.  For whatever reason, the A&M information was printed right on the edge and it was impossible to make it look good as it was.  As a result, I re-did all of it.  I matched it perfectly so no biggie but it took some time finding the right font.  There were also some scratches and cracks but they were all removed.  What can I say?  I listened to this record.

Labels:  This iteration of A&M labels is the hardest to work on when it comes to spindle removal.  I put the work in once and duplicated it on the second label.  It involves cutting and pasting various pieces and cloning to make them all fit seamlessly.  All done and both look nearly perfect.