Glenn Jones – Take It from Me

Released:  1986
Label:  RCA/Ariola International


Front cover:  This isn’t bad but it’s not great either.  It has yellowed a bit because of the nearly 40 years since it came out.  It also has a cut-out notch in what would turn out to be a rather inconvenient place.  On this side, no big deal.  Beyond those two issues, this was dealt with rather easily in spite of the way it presents in front of me.

Back cover:  Here’s where the cut-out notch placement comes home to roost.  It’s right next to “Love Will Show Us How” and it nearly destroys the production credit dot next to it.  I had to clone carefully next to it to get rid of the notch and preserve the dot but I got away with it.  I try not replace things unless I absolutely have to and I managed to avoid it here.  

Labels:  These are great but the scanner never likes black RCA labels.  It always tries to make them a bit yellower and brighter than they actually are.  The fix is fairly simple.  It just requires me to add some blue at the scan stage.  I also lowered the brightness by a good 25% to make it look just like it does in front of me.  Not impossible to do but kinda fiddly.