Eddie Kendricks – All By Myself

Released:  1971
Label:  Tamla/Motown Records


Front cover:  I picked this up from eBay a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t in the condition it was described in (typical eBay lately).  As a result, this took some work.  The first thing was remove the color cast to try to arrive at the original color.  I found an image of the Japanese CD to verify that I’d gotten there and I had.  Next up was total replacement of the solid color.  I did this at the largest possible size as not to harm the text and it worked really well.  A few minor spots needed cloning in the oval photograph and that’s it.

Sleeve-front:  These sleeves have majorly yellowed with age.  There are also wrinkles because of how thin they are.  The yellowing went away by removing the color cast.  I then replaced color wherever possible to make this look as good as possible.  It looks almost new this way.

Sleeve-back:  More yellowing here.  Removing the color cast and color replacement of the white areas at the largest possible size eliminated most of the problems.  The others were eliminated through some mild cloning.

Back cover:  More color replacement here too, again done at the largest possible size to save the text.  I then cloned to remove the other trouble spots (and there were many).  I’m happy with the results.  Note: The photo of Eddie in the lower left-hand corner is deformed on the actual cover.  Nothing I did created that deformity.

Labels:  The labels look okay but getting the right color was a challenge.  I messed with it in the scanning stage and got them both to the exact color of the labels that are in front of me.