Donny Hathaway – Come Back Charleston Blue (Soundtrack)

Released:  1972
Label:  ATCO/Atlantic Records


Front cover:  This is in really good shape – even without considering how old it really is.  It’s definitely near the first run because of how thick the jacket is.  How it’s managed to remain in this condition is entirely beyond me.  I acquired it about 5 or 6 years ago and it’s just incredible.  I took out a few scratches but beyond that, it’s in great shape.

Sleeve-front:  I love a good vendor sleeve.  These had yellowed over time so I just did a “remove color cast” and my troubles were over.  I also replaced the white areas with a quick “paint bucket” at the largest size and that fixed it entirely.

Sleeve-back:  Exact same process done here.  The “paint bucket” ensured that they had the same color.

Back cover:  This one has some scratching on it but nothing too severe.  Still, it did necessitate the “paint bucket” to replace all the white areas which took no time at all.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.