Deniece Williams – My Melody

Released:  1981
Label:  American Recording Company/Columbia/CBS Records








Front cover:  This one is in terrible shape and one of the worst I’ve worked on.  There is ring wear and scratches all over it.  The amount of cleanup that went into this was considerable.  I honestly wasn’t sure I could even get this one done.  I got as close to presentable as I possibly could because it was a request.

Sleeve-front:  These sleeves were the only relatively easy part.  As you can see, I couldn’t make them look brand new without destroying text so I just let them be what they are.  The color is natural and not browned by age.  I cropped unused areas out.

Sleeve-back:  This one was actually off-balance so I had to adjust.  I also got rid of unused areas here too.

Back cover:  Just like the front, the back is just awful.  Ring wear and scratches permeate this thing.  I spent much time cloning all of that out.  I got as close as I possibly could.

Labels:  Even the labels are trashed.  Scratches all over the ARC logo and the red part of the label.  No clue who owned the record before I got it but they didn’t exactly give it love.  I spent much time cloning scratches out.  The artist and title information on the second side is copied over from the first side to save me some time.  The record itself is virtually unplayable so it went into the trash immediately following scanning.  I want a better copy as this is an excellent album.