Carpenters – Una Canción Para Ti (A Song for You) – Argentina Press

Released:  1972
Label:  A&M Records/ALPHA S. A. I. C.


Front cover:  This may get the award for “Hardest Album I’ve Worked on So Far”.  As is with the case on all of these, the album had severely yellowed.  The solution, removing the color cast.  That little trick didn’t work convincingly on the U.S. copy on this site but it worked well here.    Okay, it worked well on the picture part of it; the border was too trashed to do that with.  Instead, I took the part with the text on it and put it in a separate file to hold until later.  That allowed me to copy the illustration into it’s own file.  I created a new one with 100 more pixels width and height than the illustration is – enabling me to add the text on top.  I then removed the color cast from the file with just the album lettering in it, copied the resulting color, and gave that color to the new border.  After the illustration was centered on the new background, I then copied over the lettering from the other file I’d been keeping.  Looks perfect that way.

Gatefold 1:  These showed no mercy.  This one was blemished to the high heavens and it took complete color replacement in order to get away with it.  That color was gleaned from removing the browned color cast.  That got me to the natural color I used on both sides of this gatefold.  I then cloned out all the various blotches.  

Gatefold 2:  This was equally difficult.  On top of all the difficulties mentioned on the first gatefold, this was also off-balance by .5 degrees.  It’s not awful but you’d have noticed.  I knocked it back into balance in Photoshop.  Then, I did the work I did on the first gatefold.  Both of these took quite a while.

Back cover:  The work continued here.  This, too, had all its color replaced by the same color used on all the other covers.  As that work was done when all of them were quite a bit larger than they are here, no text was harmed.  I then removed many blotches with cloning.

Labels:  These labels are both in far better shape.  All that needed doing here was removing the spindle hole and that was simpler than it might appear.