Bobby Caldwell – Cat in the Hat

Released:  1980
Label:  Clouds/T.K. Productions


Front cover:  This one’s pretty good.  I just did some light scratch removal and that’s it.  It’s a thin jacket so this copy was probably pressed some time in the 80s but I can’t be sure.

I should also add that this album looks exactly the same as the one I have here and like the decent CD covers I’ve found online.  There are imperfections on the original artwork, not in my restoration.  I even tried to correct some of them but I couldn’t fix all of it (the shadow effect isn’t great and it looks a little blotchy.)  I did what I could.

Sleeve-front:  Not bad either.  I got it about 15 years ago sealed and I’ve taken care of it since so these survived well.  They open up larger than you’ll see them here if you open them in a new tab.

Sleeve-back:  Same.  Good condition and easily scanned

Back cover:  The only issue here was that the scanner wanted this a different color so I had to fight a little.  Not hard to do.  It now looks as it does in my hands.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.