Bill Champlin – Single

Released:  1978
Label:  Full Moon/Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  This has been well-loved.  I’ve had it for a long time but it went through a previous owner/owners.  It’s also an original promo so it’s got 40 years on it.  Those 40 years show quite prominently.  I replaced the black entirely and “cloned” all over to bring it back to life.

Sleeve-front:  The black is mostly intact but I did “clone” all over it to smooth it out.  I tried replacing it wholesale but the text is fragile so that didn’t work.

Sleeve-back:  Thankfully, I could replace the white background without damaging the text.

Back cover:  This back cover is a strong candidate for “hardest ever”.  I spent quite a bit of time “cloning” just about every element you see to make this work.  Even after I tried replacing the white border, I still had lots of cloning to do to make it work.  Nothing was salvageable.

Labels:  These are in amazing shape.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole with some cloning, and uploaded.