Al Jarreau – All Fly Home

Released:  1977
Label:  Warner Bros. Records


Front cover:  This has some minor debris on it (including a record store sticker from a store that is no more) and it has also yellowed with age.  The scanner also decided to make this darker than it is.  Once brightened, the yellowing entirely disappeared.  Then, I just had to “clone” out the sticker (no desire to remove) the residue from another sticker that was removed before I got the album.

Back cover:  This cleaned up well too.  I did have to “paint bucket” the same white from the other side to make this look as it should.  When I did that, some of the text at the bottom disappeared almost entirely so I decided to just re-type it.  Had to find a Warner Communications logo but Google took care of that fairly easily.  

Labels:  Labels are fairly nice.  Side 2 had a weird mark on it near the center hole and when I used my usual removal methods, the mark disappeared.  Good as new.