The Temptations & Stevie Wonder – Album Samplers

Released:  1971
Label:  Gordy/Tamla/Motown Records







Front cover:  This didn’t look too bad until I scanned it.  The scanner is unforgiving and shows every flaw.  Here, it was mostly about the fact that the white had yellowed severely.  I replaced it all.  I first did a paint bucket on the whole thing and then continued to use it in separate letters and in the record label logos until everything was the same color.  This took some time but it looks as intended now.

Back cover:  The fun continued here.  I removed all the white and used the paint bucket to restore it.  Once done, I used the selection tool to select each album cover and lightened until they made sense.  Then, I used the paint brush to lighten the spaces between each letter and all white areas until complete.  This took some time but the results made it worthwhile.

Labels:  The labels needed work too.  The Gordy label needed color enhancement at the scan stage where I have far more adjustment options.  Once scanned, it still wasn’t quite right so I adjusted further in Photoshop.  Once I got the maroon/purple right, the yellow was off.  The fix was to rescan the label – focusing only on the yellow.  Once I got the right yellow, I used the color dropper to get an exact match.  I discarded that second label and went back to the first.  I then used a paint bucket with the right yellow to fix the overly-green yellow I ended up with.  This took some time (like everything else here) but it was totally worth it.  The Tamla label was just really worn.  To fix, I replaced all the yellow with a paint bucket and then used it to get between each letter and cover all yellow areas to restore color as intended.  

P.S.:  This LP is incredibly thin.  It’s the thinnest I’ve ever handled.  This was obviously not intended to have a long life.