The Temptations – Sing Smokey

Released:  1965
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records








Front cover:  This doesn’t look bad to the naked eye but when scanned, oh my.  All color was replaced.  Every bit of it.  Once that was done, I did some minor cloning to clean up other trouble spots.  Oddly, the white background Smokey sits on is absolutely perfect.  Go figure…

Sleeves:  These were pretty trashed too so all the color had to be replaced.  I couldn’t leave these looking aged because of how truly damaged they were.  Minor cloning to complete the color replacement was done too.

Back cover:  This was pretty well yellowed due to age.  As a result, it was all replaced.  Thankfully, I could do it without compromising any of the text.  The section with the album jackets on the right side had to be manually colored.  I did some more cloning to remove minor scratches.

Labels:  Even the labels needed work, just like “Temptin'”.  Spindle hole scratches were removed from both.  Thankfully, the color managed to hang on pretty well on both the label face and the vivid “Gordy” logo.