The Temptations – Live!

Released:  1967
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records








Front cover:  This is in amazing shape for it’s age.  It’s been kept in a jacket sleeve for years.  There are small signs of wear and I decided to leave them as they were after trying some unconvincing fixes.  Besides, the very minor wear looks kinda cool anyway.

Sleeves:  Great vendor sleeves.  Both of them are in great shape.  I replaced the white areas that have yellowed severely but nothing else was done.

Back cover:  The back of this is really nice too.  I did replace the white areas due to excessive scuffing that didn’t look great scanned.  As an aside, Melvin looks like he’s about to kill someone.  In fact, he looks like he’s inflicting damage to Paul as Paul looks to be seriously in pain.  

Labels:  Both labels are pristine.  My scanner doesn’t love this actual shade of purple so I did have to do the color matching at the scan stage where I have more control.  The colors perfectly match now.  Beyond that, all I did was remove the spindle hole.