The Temptations – Live in Japan

Released:  1975
Label:  Tamla Motown/EMI Electrola



Front cover:  This is, of course, an import and as a result, the jacket barely qualifies as a jacket.  It’s incredibly thing and I’m honestly amazed it’s lasted this long.  This made scanning a bit of a challenge.  Also, the text is silver and that’s never fun to deal with.  Still, I plowed through.  For the jacket itself, all of the background and the color for the lettering was entirely replaced at its largest size as not to damage anything.  This got rid of all the cracks in the lettering and on the background.  This took time but the results are very nice.

Back cover:  This took a fair amount of cloning too to remove all the cracks and frayed edges.  Not difficult in principle but it did take some time.  The results were worth it.

Labels:  The scanner decided these were too dark and, oddly, not yellow enough (??).  I had to bring the saturation and brightness down to absolute zero to make them look as they should.  Once done, it was just a matter of removing the spindle holes and even those took some work because the labels themselves were ripped by both spindle holes.  Still, worth it in the end.