The System – Don’t Disturb This Groove

Released:  1987
Label:  Mirage/Atlantic Records


Front cover:  This is the first album scanned on the new iMac.  So far, so good.  This took far less work to get the balance right.  The light editing was done in Photoshop as the scanner wanted it too rich.  All that really needed to be done beyond that was to get rid of the cut-out notch on the left corner.  It went right through the “E” but it wasn’t hard to make it go away.

Sleeves:  Sleeves are in pretty good shape.  Some wrinkles went right through David’s face.  I did what I could to remove them and it’s not totally convincing but it’s not too bad either.  I tried…

Back cover:  This wasn’t bad at all.  It’s in very good shape despite its age.  Did have to take the richness out of it that the scanner wanted to add.  Beyond that and the cut-out notch on the corresponding other side, this was pretty easy to fix.

Labels:  These were both easy.  Just scanned them and they came out exactly as they really are.  Removed spindle hole and that’s it.