The Soul Train Gang – Soul Train Gang

Released:  1976
Label:  Soul Train/RCA Records


Front cover:  This was another instances where the cover didn’t look too bad…until I scanned it.  Scratches and noise galore!  I “paint bucket”‘d it all out (while it was still at the original scan size) and cloned scratches out of the faces.  This took far longer than I thought it would.

Back cover:  This has the same issues.  Paint bucket took care of it – again done at the largest size as not to damage text.  More cloning in various places and it was done.

Labels:  Labels are in really nice shape but the spindle hole is in an inconvenient place.  I got rid of it once.  I then cheated (sometimes, I do when it doesn’t really matter) and pasted Side B’s track list over Side A’s label so that I wouldn’t have to repeat the spindle hole fix.  It worked pretty well and it’s not easy to tell.