The Jacksons – Victory

Released:  1984
Label:  Epic/CBS Records











Front cover:  I just got this and the cellophane was still on it so it’s in great shape.  I got it because it had a promo sticker on the front that I didn’t have.  Very easily scanned and mild cleaning.

Gatefold:  There was, of course, no way to split this into two pieces.  As a result, a nice fold goes right between Marlon & Michael.  I removed it as convincingly as I could.  Hopefully, you like the result.

Promo sticker:  The sticker is pristine.  Just scanned.  Didn’t need any cleanup.

Back cover:  This even has the Warner Bros. sticker near the bar code.  I decided to leave it as it’s a bit more esoteric and getting rid of it would have ben quite difficult.

Sleeve-front:  This was relatively simple.  It has some wrinkles that had to be removed but they’re gone.

Sleeve-back:  This side has far more wrinkles and the only way to remove them all was to replace the black altogether.  Looks brand new now.

Merchandise insert:  This insert had likely never been touched.  I didn’t even know this was part of the package until I got it home.  Nice score!  Just scanned and uploaded.

Labels:  The labels were decent.  Darker labels pick up finger oil easily and both of these had a little.  I managed to get rid of it.