Tavares – Words and Music

Released:  1983
Label:  RCA Records


Front cover:  This one is a disaster on the front.  I did major work on this to make it presentable.  I was also forced to replace the album title text.

Sleeve-1:  Again, work needed.  I removed the color cast as the sleeve had turned quite brown.  I then replaced all the color at it’s largest size (scanned at 1200 dpi so I could get away with it without hurting any text).  Lastly, I cloned out the crinkles in the sleeve itself.  

Sleeve-2:  All the same work here.

Back cover:  This isn’t as bad but it’s not great either.  Much cloning here to make presentable but no text was replaced.

Labels:  These look great.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole, and uploaded.