Sylvers – New Horizons

Released:  1977
Label:  Capitol Records


Front cover:  This is one I did a long time ago and forgot to add it to the site when we updated it.  The original is in very good shape.  

Sleeves:  I remember cleaning this a little – removing cracks here and there.  Just now, I noticed that this side of the sleeve as posted was badly tinted.  Totally my fault and I fixed it to match what I was looking at.  Yes, one side is slightly different from the other.

Back cover:  Again, great shape.  I did very little other than “clone” out the occasional crack.

Promo sticker:  I replaced the white entirely because of it’s age.  Beyond that, it’s in great shape.

Labels:  These labels very nice.  I did have to correct some things on the second label, though I don’t remember what I fixed.  The fixes are quite obvious so I will revisit this label sooner than later to fix.