Steely Dan – Two Against Nature

Released:  2000
Label:  Giant Records/Rhino Entertainment/Warner Music Group


Front cover:  This a Record Store 2021 purchase.  I ordered it so I wouldn’t be going in (not safe).  It arrived in dead perfect condition.  See?  LPs can travel well when shipped properly.  Did nothing but scan this.

Sheet-front:  Perfect sleeve. Very easily scanned.

Sheet-back:  Same on this side.  Nothing to do when they’re perfect.  As is the case with all sleeves, this will open up far bigger if you use the right-click trick so you can read it all clearly.  These sleeves are scanned at 1200 dpi so they look perfect when opened up to true size.

Back cover:  The struggle to get the color right on this side was difficult.  The scanner kept wanting a truer blue and that’s not accurate to the back of the LP.  It took several tries to really nail but I got there.  

Labels:  The labels also refused to scan at the correct color.  I had to fight with these as well – eventually “paint bucket”-ing the labels with the true orange as appears on the label as the scanner continually scanned the color as weaker than it is.  There was no choice.  As I applied the “paint bucket” as the largest size, the font wasn’t affected at all.  Also, dig the etching on side 4.  I wasn’t even aware it was there until I took the LP out for scanning.  How cool!